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Redundancy Gift Ideas

Right now times have never been tougher for many businesses across the UK. The sad result of this will be large scale redundancies across many sectors. Coronavirus fallout is causing untold pain to so many and it’s so hard to say goodbye to fantastic team members who are being made redundant. Many companies are looking for farewell award gifts to present to employees to show their appreciation.

Redundancy gift, leaving gift, goodbye gift, leaving gift ideasBut finding the right gift for a colleague being made redundant can be a real challenge. The gift itself needs to reflect an appreciation for dedicated service whilst perhaps appealing to both men and women.

We all have experienced challenges during the recent lockdown and the effects the pandemic has had on our lives, jobs, and overall well-being. Some of us had to work from home and have successfully turned our homes into an office. For those of us who could not work from home, the past few months have been even harder. Everyone is worried about the future. People who are on the furlough scheme are concerned about potential redundancies.

Making redundancies is always a difficult and emotional process. You want employees to leave your company feeling rewarded, feeling like their contributions throughout the years have mattered. Acknowledging people that have been working for you for 5, 10, 15 years with a personalised gift could make a big difference to an employee’s departure. This is why we have put together a guide for finding the ideal redundancy gift for your employees.

Tips on how to choose the ideal redundancy gift

redundancy gifts

  1.  Make sure you choose a quality product. When facing redundancy, the recipient needs to feel their contribution to the company hasn’t gone unnoticed all these years. The gift you select needs to reflect their dedicated service and acknowledge their contributions throughout the years.
  2.  Consider personalising the gift. Never underestimate the power of personalising a gift with the recipient’s name and a unique message. This shows that some thought has gone into designing and choosing the redundancy gift.
  3. Choose your timing carefully. Think carefully about the timing to present your gift. It can often be a nice gesture to award the gift as a presentation on the last day.
  4. For large scale, redundancies choose a gift with an appeal to both men and women. This isn’t easy as selecting the perfect gift is always a challenge. Luckily, our stunning award gifts have always been received with great pleasure.
  5. Presentation – first impressions really do count so make sure you spare a thought for the packaging of your gift. A lovely high-quality box can add so much to the perceived value of your gift.

Crystal gifts – the perfect farewell

Here at Laser Crystal, our experienced design team are the experts in creating bespoke redundancy gifts. We are always happy to discuss ideas or create free design concepts so you can see how a crystal gift could work for your employees. If your company needs to make redundancies in the upcoming weeks please get in touch. We are proud to supply high-quality personalised gifts made with love and care. We have a fast turnaround and an amazing design team who will ensure that your redundancy gifts reflect the contributions people have made for your business. Contact us today on 01202 675 000.

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