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Celebrating Achievements with Engraved Plaques

Celebrating achievements is an integral part of human culture. It not only acknowledges hard work and dedication but also motivates individuals to strive for excellence. One timeless way of immortalising accomplishments is through engraved plaques.

The tradition of using plaques to commemorate achievements dates back centuries. Initially, plaques were crafted from materials like wood and metal, each bearing unique characteristics. Over time, engraving techniques evolved, paving the way for more intricate and personalised designs. Engraved plaques have stood the test of time due to their ability to encapsulate meaningful moments in a tangible form. The enduring appeal lies in their versatility, making them suitable for a range of occasions. 

Types of Engraved Plaques

Wood Plaques

Wooden heart engraved with a laser to celebrate Valentine's Day. Hand sized coaster style with a rustic finish. Wood is the classic engraving choice as it uses natural materials and is a sustainable option for business' focusing on their

Engraved wood plaques are a classic choice, using natural materials and traditional engraving methods such as pyrography to create a beautiful result which can be either rustic or sleek. Plaques made from reclaimed wood are a more environmentally-friendly option, and have a lot of character. The downside of choosing a wood plaque is the lack of detail in most designs: if you want an intricate image or logo engraved onto the plaque, wood may not be the best material for you.

Metal Plaques

Engraved stainless steel plaque. Metal allows more detail to be added in the design, they are often used for signs and name plates - they are also more durable than wood. However they tend to lack colour and dimension.

Engraved metal plaques can be made from various types of metal including brass and steel. These contemporary designs are often used for signs and name tags, but can also be used as commemorative pieces. The more modern techniques used in creating metal plaques means more detailed designs can be applied, as well as smaller fonts. However, these plaques tend to lack colour or dimension – they are usually 2D and fixed to a wall or piece of furniture.

Glass and Acrylic Plaques

Engraved glass plaques allow the most creative options in both the blank material and the finished design. Not only can colour be added as a way to enhance the design, there can even be images added to commemorate particular events or deals. Glass plaques are also 100% recyclable.

Engraved glass plaques use optically pure glass to create visually stunning plaques and trophies. These sleek, clean-cut plaque designs are popular in the corporate world and are usually attached to a glass base, allowing them to stand freely on your desk. Glass plaques can be engraved using lasers either on the surface or within the glass, creating a 3D effect. This modern technique means even the most intricate of designs can be applied. Colour can also be added to glass plaques, either to enhance the engraved design or as a photograph image to commemorate a particular event or deal. Glass plaques are 100% recyclable.

Custom Engraving Options

The beauty of engraved plaques lies in how easily they can be customised. Whether it’s a heartfelt message, company logo, or intricate design, the engraving options are limitless, adding a personal touch to every plaque. At Laser Crystal, we can add the recipient’s name to each individual plaque.

Benefits of Using Engraved Glass Plaques

Creating Lasting Memories

Engraved glass plaques forge lasting memories by blending personalisation and visual impact with enduring durability. Their inherent timeless appeal makes them visually striking, and the act of engraving imparts a unique touch that adds emotional depth – much more so than in a generic product. 

The durability of the glass ensures the longevity of these plaques. Our method of 3D laser engraving means those important words won’t rub off or fade over time. 

Recognising Achievements

For when a pat on the back doesn’t suffice, engraved glass plaques serve as a distinguished means of recognising achievements. They come with a sense of permanence, transforming a simple recognition into a lasting tribute which emphasises the importance of the achievement being honoured. 

Enhancing Corporate Culture

The importance of fostering a positive corporate culture cannot be denied, and presenting personalised plaques to those who go above and beyond is a great way to create a motivating atmosphere. The plaques serve as enduring symbols of appreciation, building a company culture which values and acknowledges the hard work and contributions of individuals. 

Customising Your Engraved Glass Plaque

Shapes of Crystal Plaques

Engraved crystal and glass plaques come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed to be visually striking, sleek, and sophisticated. Classic plaque designs tend to be rectangular, but other shapes are becoming more popular. Because glass plaques aren’t as thin as metal plaques, they can feature details like hand-cut bevelled edges and facet cut edges to give the plaque more dimension and visual intrigue. More unusual shapes like our Arctic Clear Award as pictured below makes your plaque stand out from the crowd.

Plaque Crystal AwardArctic Clear Plaque Award

Engraving Your Crystal Plaque 

At Laser Crystal, we use a specialist 3D engraving technique which engraves designs within the glass, allowing them to appear as if suspended. Our lasers create tiny bubbles which come together to create incredibly detailed, intricate designs. Everything we create is bespoke, which means we can create something completely unique to your brand for any occasion, and each trophy can be individually personalised for their recipients. 

Check out these 3D engraving designs for plaques below:

Grande Rectangle AwardRectangle Crystal Award
President Glass AwardLimelight Square Award

So, get creative! There’s no need to keep it simple here. Simply let us know your requirements and we’ll provide you with a selection of different crystal shape ideas along with your quote. We only need a rough design idea for your 3D engraving, and we can then support you in creating a fully developed and unique design. Our creative design team will produce some 3D visuals for you to review from different angles, and for large orders, we can even provide a pre-production crystal piece for final approval.

Adding Colour to Your Crystal Plaque

Once you’ve chosen your engraving, you can think about printing colour onto the surface of your glass plaque. A splash of colour will truly bring your design to life, adding depth and vibrancy to the engraving and making it even more recognisably yours. Add a pop of colour onto the foreground to highlight certain elements such as your logo or text, or print a full-colour background which will reflect across your entire design. Adding a colour to the base of your plaque will also change the colour of the entire piece as light reflects throughout.

We can also print images onto plaques, which is great when commemorating a big deal or celebrating a successful product.

Occasions for Engraved Plaques

The best thing about engraved glass plaques is the fact that the customisation options mean you can use them for virtually any occasion. Whether it’s an academic achievement or you’re celebrating a long-standing employee’s retirement, you can tailor these plaques to perfectly fit both the occasion and the recipient.

  • Recognise outstanding contributions in a corporate setting with Employee Recognition Plaques
  • Celebrate accomplishments like graduations with Academic Achievement Plaques
  • Consider Engraved Plaques for Athletes for outstanding performances or sportsmanship
  • Honour long-standing employees with Plaques for Milestone Anniversaries
  • Gift Retirement Plaques to appreciate the contributions of retirees over the years
  • Wedding Plaques can create a timeless keepsake celebrating this important milestone

Why Choose Laser Crystal for your Engraved Crystal Plaques?

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of 3D crystal, we’re recognised as a world leader with two decades worth of experience in creating crystal plaques of unbeatable quality. Our huge range of crystal awards, trophies and gifts includes a wide variety of designs to suit all budgets, tastes and occasions. If you can’t find exactly what you have in mind, we offer a made-to-order service where we can create niche designs unique to you.

We make all of our glass plaques from clear and flawless optical quality crystal and use innovative, precise 3D laser engraving techniques which allow us to achieve an exceptional level of detail. Let us know what you need and when you need it, and we’ll do the rest. We ship worldwide and offer a same-day courier service for UK orders. Every plaque will be supplied in a high-quality, satin-lined presentation gift box.

Ready to get started?

Contact the Laser Crystal team for further information, to receive a quote or if you’d like a sample. Alternatively, pop us a call on 01202 675000 and we’ll be happy to chat with you about your colour printing crystal award project!

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