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Glass Laser Engraving for Trophies & Awards

Here at Laser Crystal, we are the UK leaders in 3D laser engraving for glass trophies and awards. Through our in-house laser engraving service, we can create beautiful 3D laser engraved glass trophies, awards, paperweights, gifts and more.

What is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving is the method of using a laser beam to engrave an object. And here at Laser Crystal, we use laser engraving to create beautiful and stunning laser engraved crystal trophies, awards, paperweights and gifts.

Laser engraving our crystal allows us to deliver a high-definition design within the glass, creating a truly stunning and elegant finished product.   

3D Laser Glass Engraving at Laser Crystal

Here at Laser Crystal, we use a special type of glass engraving referred to as subsurface engraving, or also referred to as subsurface laser engraving (SSLE). This means that instead of engraving on the surface of the glass, our specialist machinery engraves within the glass, and this is how we create our stunning 3D designs.

Through our specialist laser engraving process, we can engrave both 2D and 3D elements within your crystal trophy, award, paperweight, or gift. Whether you’re looking for text, an image, logo or object, anything is possible. Additionally, if you’re unsure what you’re after our in-house design team can create you a completely bespoke design, ready to be engraved into your glass block.

Our specialist 3D glass engraving process creates a beautiful, frosted effect within the glass ensuring your design stands out and leaves a lasting impression. The glass engraving process we use here at Laser Crystal makes it perfect for engraving any design into crystal, whether it’s a company logo or a personal photo.

With our in-house 3D laser engraving we are able to engrave on a huge variety of crystal shapes and sizes, ensuring that we can meet your trophy and award needs, no matter how big or small they are.

Why Choose Laser Engraved Glass Trophies & Awards?

Glass engraving offers many benefits including:

  • Affordable and efficient – laser engraving is a quick and affordable way to create high quality and stunning engraved glass trophies and awards.
  • High quality, clean finish – the process of laser engraving provides a premium finish to your awards, trophies, paperweight, and gifts.
  • Precise & accurate – through glass laser engraving we can etch extremely detailed designs into the glass. The laser process offers extremely high precision, as well as a high degree of detail.
  • Robust and consistent – because each design we create is digitally saved we are able to reproduce your engraved glass trophies and awards at any time and to the same level of quality as previously achieved.
Engraved Glass Trophy

What Design Can be Engraved into the Crystal?

With our in-house design team, the possibilities are endless. However, here is just a few examples of things that we have previously engraved into our crystal glass:

  • Logos
  • Text
  • Buildings
  • Objects – Rockets, Boats, Animals, Bikes, People.
  • Flags and club emblems

Can A Photo Be Engraved Into The Glass?

Yes, we are able to engrave a photo into the glass. Our in-house design team will take your photo and create a design that you’re happy with. This will then be passed onto our engraving team who will ensure your photo and design is engraved to the highest standard.

Glass Trophy Engraving

Our glass trophies and awards with engraving are a great way to celebrate and award your employees, sports stars, or school champions. Browse our extensive collection of trophy shapes and styles, each of which comes with glass trophy engraving.

If you’re in need of inspiration for your trophies and awards, check out our collections and inspiration gallery. Alternatively, if you know exactly what you’re after then get in touch to order your bespoke trophies today.

We'd love to help with your crystal creations - together we can create something amazing.

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