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Why Companies Need Personalised Trophies and Awards

An increasing number of companies invest in personalised trophies and awards to show appreciation to their staff and boost morale. An award ceremony event, internal or otherwise, can generate a lot of exposure for your company and attract new talent.

Whether you are a privately held organisation or a charity, recognising hard-working employees is a must. So, what are the occasions on which companies invest in custom trophies and awards for their staff?

Employee Recognition Programmes

A lot of companies have employee recognition programmes where they honour their top performing or longest serving employees with a bespoke glass award. Achievement awards are a terrific way to show appreciation to your staff and publicly acknowledge those who have worked hard throughout the years.

There are various ways employers can recognise employees through personalised trophies and plaques. You can create different award categories as it is understandable that not all people will be top performing salespeople. Rewarding long service staff members, best of the best in a department, regional management, core values and rising star employees, is a great way to include everyone and make them feel appreciated.

Why bother, you may ask? Business success depends on a lot of things, the market changes, your suppliers, interest rates, inflation and other factors that may vary. However, the success of your business also depends on your employees, and this is a variable you can influence.

Employees’ dedication and hard work are what make your company successful. Showing appreciation and recognising them for their continued contributions goes a long way. Introducing an employee recognition programme to your firm will boost morale, increase job satisfaction and productivity, and improve employee loyalty. It’s a no-brainer, right?

End of Year Award Ceremonies

If you happen to have run an internal competition at your organisation, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that you will need to also decide on the personalised awards and plaques for your employees.

An internal award ceremony will help motivate your employee because they will see that hard work is publicly recognised and appreciated. You can organise a social event at the end of the year that will bring even more publicity to your organisation.

Enter Industry Awards  Why Companies Need Personalised Trophies and Awards

Award ceremonies have become more and more popular across various industries, celebrating achievements and honouring those who have worked hard to achieve success. Whether you are organising an industry award ceremony or participating in one, one thing is for certain, you will need personalised awards and trophies for the event.

Industry awards are a great way to build credibility for your company, boost morale and attract talent. Not to mention the free publicity and networking that comes with an event like this. Participating in local industry award ceremonies will help your company establish itself and build relationships with other businesses. Furthermore, being recognised by an authority in the field of marketing, sales or recruitment, for example, will make your employees feel proud and valued.

Thank you plaques

Saying thank you to your customers and suppliers before the end of the year is a terrific way to stay in touch with them and show your appreciation for their support. You might also want to reward the people in different regions of your business before the holiday season. Show them what you have achieved together with a personalised glass plaque that will withstand the test of time.


Personalised trophies and awards are a fantastic way to show appreciation to your staff and it is something they will proudly show to existing and prospective customers. Empower your employees today and put a smile on their faces with our laser engraved awards.


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