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Marketing and Advertising Awards

Marketing and advertising awards vary from industry to industry, but what they all have in common is that they are unique. If you are on the lookout for bespoke awards for your events, there are two factors that you need to consider before deciding on a supplier. Both product quality and the design creativity of your awards will leave lasting impressions on the recipients reflecting the values of your organisation.

The awards you choose for your events will undoubtedly reflect the value and importance your organisation places on the event. We recommend you opt for optically pure crystal awards for your industry event trophies or employee recognition awards. The longevity, weight, clarity, and brightness of a bespoke crystal award makes them the preferred choice for recognising star talent and showing appreciation.

The design of your award can be personalised with individual’s names, company logos and of course a preferred message. This is also the perfect opportunity to add promotional branding to your awards. For example, sponsors’ and partners’ logos can be 3D engraved or colour-printed as part of your bespoke design.

What do you need to create the ideal award for your business event?

Marketing and Advertising Awards

Firstly great designs and secondly stylish crystal to make that winning combination. Our in- house creative team just love designing and creating awards that make you event special. Simply tell us about your event and we will come up with some fabulous design ideas.

Here at Laser Crystal, we are the experts at bringing your event awards to life in intricate 3D engraved detail. So whether it’s a building, globe or product we can create some stunning 3D designs especially for you. Customised awards and trophies always look great with a splash of colour so whether it’s featuring your event colour scheme or making logos a real feature.

When choosing your crystal award shape consider the amount of engraving space you need to be able to include your bespoke design, the recipient’s name and of course your preferred message. Our creative team will help by providing some free visuals so you can see how the finished award will look. Below, we have listed a few of our favourite industry event awards, that are perfect for either full-colour print or enough engraving space for your custom design.

The Limelight Award

We simply love the round edges on this optically pure crystal award. The aesthetically pleasing round corners make for a unique crystal piece that you will be proud to present at your event. The Limelight Award comes in two sizes, which is fantastic when you reward First, Second, and Third Places. Due to its versatile shape, this award works well with both landscape and portrait designs.

Marketing and Advertising AwardsThe Supreme Award

This award is one of the latest addition to our wide range of high-quality optically pure crystal awards and is already one of our favourites. When you are rewarding excellence at the workplace and recognising hard work and success, only the best will do. The Supreme Award reflects the light beautifully and the shape of the crystal perfectly complements circular brand logos and designs.

The Square Award

The Square Award is an old-time favourite. This crystal shape is extremely versatile and fits various designs. We can also add vibrant full-colour print to this crystal, which will add another dimension to your award. Available in four sizes, this crystal is ideal for when you are looking for different size awards for winners within different categories.

The Tapered Portrait Award

This is a stylish, yet simple shape that is ideal for various corporate events and recognition programmes. The Tapered Portrait Award comes in four sizes and also offers design flexibility due to its shape. Whether you are after awards for your employees, or are on the hunt for high-quality crystal recognition gifts, this award will be perfect for your event.

The Silver Star Award

This award is ideal for recognising star employees, high-achievers and top performers at your firm. The engraving area on this piece allows for your design to be the main focus, whilst the star recognises the recipients’ success. Alongside the 3D engraving, we can add vibrant colour print to your Silver Star awards, and make them truly special.

Here are some examples of Marketing and Advertising Events our awards are ideal for:

  • International Marketing Awards
  • Business Awards
  • PR Events
  • International Content Marketing Awards
  • Finance Awards
  • Magazine Awards
  • Social Media Awards
  • Communication Awards
  • Education Awards
  • Agency Awards
  • Marketing Excellence Awards

Decoration Techniques for Marketing Awards

Choosing the shape of your award is only half the story. The decoration techniques available will contribute to making your award unique and absolutely stunning. This is why, here at Laser Crystal, we have a dedicated expert design team, who look after our clients’ award designs. We specialise in 3D laser engraving and can engrave any design within the most intricate 3D detail. Alongside the supreme engraving, we can also add colour-print graphics that will make your award stand out and add another dimension to your design. We now offer textured colour-print which creates beautiful patterns on the crystal pieces and adds texture to your design.

If you would like to look at some design options for your marketing and advertising awards, contact Laser Crystal on 01202 675 000.

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