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Long Service Awards, How to Award Your Employees

We have all heard the saying, “Employees don’t leave jobs, they leave managers”. Of course, it will be presumptuous to assume this is the case when every employee decides to embark on a new adventure, however, we do know this – rewarding your employees and acknowledging their hard work and contribution will improve their experience at work.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Finding and recruiting the right employees for your company is a difficult and long process. Not to mention to time spent on training the employees on internal processes, company knowledge, and competitors, so that they are fully equipped and ready to do their job. Costs related to replacing an employee can also be significant which is why companies should invest in recognition programmes. Millennials and Generation Z currently represent a third of the workforce and they are slowly eliminating the job-hopping taboo. Younger generations see more opportunities and rewards when changing jobs which put employees in a difficult predicament – How to keep young talented employees from leaving?

Long Service Awards and Gifts long service employee awards

Introducing a loyalty programme at your company is a great way of showing appreciation to employees who have dedicated themselves to the business and have contributed to the success of your brand. Showing that you value their hard work and loyalty will also help motivate newer employees and it will help you recruit young talent to the business. Here at Laser Crystal, we believe that people want to be seen and recognised for their work and the last 20 years have been a testament to that. We have worked with many brands throughout the years to deliver bespoke long service employee awards, reflecting the employees’ dedication and the companies’ values. What we have learnt is that it is important for the awards to be personalised to the individual, making the gesture that extra bit special. The quality of the award is also really important as it will represent the value your company puts in the loyalty programme. This is why we only supply the highest quality optically pure crystal, providing you to choose from a variety of pieces that are second to none.

What sort of Long Service Awards Employees Value Most?

Over the years we have seen long service employee programmes change. In 2018 a study by Employee Benefits found out that employees are more likely to value bespoke, personalised awards over money and also that the timing is really important. Rather than receiving awards at calendar events, which are expected, employees want to receive awards spontaneously – when they have completed a project successfully, or have been working extremely hard for the past year.

It is clear that big retailers value their long-term employees, however, we need to change our perception of long service awards as the marketplace is changing as well. Most companies will reward employees for being with the organisation for 20 years or more but that period has changed over time. Another study by LV found out that the average length of service in the UK is 5 years. Moreover, loyalty programmes must acknowledge technology developments and also young people’s career expectations. This means that employers have the opportunity to create a loyalty programme awarding bespoke gifts for 1, 3, 5, 10, 15-year work anniversaries in order to ensure consistent engagement with employees.

Here at Laser Crystal, we have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing bespoke long service awards, engraved with your employees’ individual names. Contact our team for a free award design quote and see how we can add a splash of sparkle to your loyalty programme.

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