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The Importance of Employee Awards and Why to Invest in Them

Employee awards can be a great way to recognise a hardworking employee. If your company has had a successful year, objectives were met, and sales goals achieved, then awarding those key staff who have played an integral role in achieving this is the perfect way to show your appreciation for all their hard work.

Why Are Employee Awards So Important?

Staff members who go above and beyond and work hard to achieve and surpass their job objectives and goals deserve to be rewarded. Not only does rewarding them make them feel great about all their hard work, but it also motivates them to continue to work hard.

When a member of staff starts working at the company, they always complete their duties with enthusiasm and passion. However, as time passes sometimes this drive to excel at their job can weaken as the employee starts to feel demotivated, or they may suffer from a lack of confidence and passion as the repetitive work cycle continues. This can then lead to further issues such as employee burnout, absence, and staff turnover.

However, rewarding your staff members can provide a boost and motivate those awarded, as well as inspire and encourage other team members who may look to achieve the award in the future. Therefore, presenting your top team members with a staff award highlights their accomplishments and sends a message of inspiration and encouragement to other employees. Additionally, it sets apart the hard-working employee(s) from the rest of the workforce and provides an exemplary role model for others to follow.

Furthermore, classic behaviour psychology studies have shown that recognising and rewarding a particular behaviour, for example, meeting sales targets or business goals leads to repetition of the desired behaviour. Therefore, awarding Employee Recognition Awards will lead to an increase in productivity within the workplace and more positive outcomes for the business.
Employee Award

The Benefits of Employee Awards

The benefits of staff awards are endless. However, the main benefits include:

  • Reduced or lower work absence
  • Reduces or lower work-related stress
  • Higher employee loyalty and employee satisfaction
  • Lower employee turnover, which also means less recruitment costs
  • Retain good talent in house, as opposed to at your competitors
  • Happier employees!

Ideas for Employee Awards

No two companies are the same and therefore not all Staff Recognition Awards will fit every company, however there are some award categories that are universal to all companies. If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to employee awards, then we have provided a few employee award ideas below:

  • New Hire Awards – as the name suggests, this category is for awarding new staff members who have had a great start to the company. Whether they’ve hit the ground running when it comes to sales or made a great first impression, new hires shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to employee awards.
  • Performance Recognition Awards – these awards are geared towards the productivity of the employee and are great for recognising top salespeople.
  • Attendance Awards – used to reward great work attendance. When it comes to attendance it can get disregarded as being part of working life, however, perfect attendance shows an employee’s dedication to the company and such commitment should be recognised.
  • Team Awards – great for awarding a group or team of employees who have come together to achieve fantastic results.
  • Customer Service Awards – the customer is the foundation of any business, no matter what the business does and therefore, great customer service should be rewarded. Great customer service requires skilled employees, and often a tough skin to keep customers happy and content.
  • Long Service Awards – including long service awards as part of your employee recognition program can be a great way to improve employee loyalty. Presenting an employee with a long service award, as well as incentivising the occasion with prizes, such as extra holiday entitlement or a bonus, is a sure way to keep your employees loyal.

Employee Recognition Awards at Laser Crystal

There are so many reasons why you should honour your top staff members with employee awards. However, to cement the occasion and to establish the grandeur of the newly appointed title, you may want to present the employee with a physical award.

When it comes to showing your gratitude and appreciation to your hardworking employees nothing says it better than a high-quality glass award that can be cherished for years to come. Our range of Employee Recognition Awards offers exactly that.

So, if you’re looking for an Employee Award to recognise an outstanding team member then browse our extensive range of premium glass Employee Recognition Awards today. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something completely bespoke, get in touch with our friendly team by calling 01202 675000 or email us at

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