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Glass Trophy gets a staring TV role

Here at Laser Crystal, we just love designing glass trophies that have a real wow factor. Recently we were contacted by the leading TV production company Eman Channel who were in the process of putting together a concept for a new TV game show. Nothing gets our team more excited than the thought of our beautiful glass awards taking centre stage on TV.

We are proud to make trophies for a number of major TV shows from Pointless to Britain’s Brightest Family. It gives our whole team a thrill to be involved in these high profile shows and see our glass trophies sparkle under the TV lights.

The Client Glass Trophy Gets A Staring TV Role

Eman Channel is a leading TV production company specialising in creating high-quality programs which are freely available on satellite channels. Based in London, Eman Channel is a multicultural hub with a fast-growing audience. They aim to deliver a wide variety of programs that are unique and inspiring from educational lectures to cookery and comedy.  Their entertainment is suitable for all ages and represents Islamic values in the west.

The Brief

Brainache was a new concept show that sets boys against girls in a mental marathon to prove once and for all who is the cleverest of them all!  The show puts teams of three Brainy boys or genius girls to the test competing to see which gender who will be crowned the King or Queen of Brain. The show’s producers wanted us to create a unique glass award for contestants that reflects the show’s identity.

The Brainache Glass Trophy

Our creative team spoke with the client to gain an understanding of the show concept, the participants, the colours and the branding for the programme. It’s important for us to have a clear understanding of your show to deliver a customised glass trophy to fit your unique brief.

Our in house design team set about creating some ideas to capture the spirit of the show in cube-shaped trophy which the client selected. It was important to the client that the brain feature heavily so we looked at a number of design options including a 3D engraved brain and different ways in which we could combine this with colour print.

We put together a number of concepts and ideas based on the client’s brief that would capture the essence of the show. Our design team created photo-realistic design visuals in 3D so the client could see exactly how their award pieces would look before they were even made. At Laser Crystal, we understand how difficult it can be for clients to visualise the finished trophies and this is why the design stage is so important. Choosing the right awards for your event can be a lot of pressure so we put a lot of time into creating realistic design visuals in amazing 3-D detail so you can see exactly how the finished item will look.

Glass Awards that evolve

We love creating awards that can evolve over time. So whether that’s with small changes to the look or a full redesign our in-house creative team are here to help. Changes can be anything from changing the layout design, adding a different colour to your award each year, creating a new 3D model to changing the overall trophy shape.

We have an engineering client who every year changes the 3D engraved model featured inside their award. They view their glass trophy as collector’s award and each year it becomes very competitive to win this to obtain the next piece in the trophy series! They feel it’s important to retain the same shape but update the design.

Each year we create awards for a leading magazine publishing company who’s brief is design lead creativity. With over 20 magazine titles, each with their own industry awards event, trophies must reinforce their market-leading position whilst showcasing creativity. By cleverly combining different decoration techniques and textures we can keep their trophy designs fresh and innovative. We’ve even been known to add some fun to the awards by giving each award category a different colour.

Creative solutions for your glass trophy

We’d love to help with your awards. Our design team are always happy to create free design visuals for you. Get in touch with us on 01202 675 000 or email us at

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