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Examples of Employee Recognition Awards

Employee Recognition Awards play a significant role in acknowledging your team’s hard work, dedication, and success. Whether you are celebrating your top salespeople, longest-serving employees, or the ones who are retiring, showing appreciation for a job well done is a must. Personalised awards will also set you apart from your competition and attract top talent to your organisation. It is important for employees to feel recognised for their success and achievements, and work for a company that nurtures and promotes commitment and loyalty. Below, we discuss different types of staff recognition awards that you can introduce as part of your employee recognition scheme.

Customer Service Awards

The customer service team in any company plays a significant role in keeping your existing customers happy. Helping your clients with any queries and requests is becoming extremely important as rivalry firms are competing on price and value proposition. Having account managers or an aftercare service team that look after your biggest clients is a must and something you need to reward your employees for. Whether the Customer Service Award becomes an annual tradition in your organisation or a monthly reminder of a job well done, acknowledging your employees’ hard work and efforts will not go unnoticed.

Employee of the Year Award Examples of Employee Recognition Awards

There are numerous ways to contribute to a company’s success and if you already have a dedicated award for your top salespeople, the Employee of the Month award can be presented to someone else. For instance, you can reward an apprentice for his or her outstanding contributions and achievements, or an employee that has brought everyone together in a difficult moment for the company. In today’s digital age, we know that Marketing is really important and that capturing users’ attention is crucial for getting leads and increasing sales. If your creative team has come up with a brilliant idea that has brought traffic to your website and increased brand awareness, then they surely deserve the Employee of The Year Award.

Leadership and Management Awards

Leading and managing people is certainly not as simple as it may seem. It takes a mixture of skills to make a good leader and showing your appreciation to your Managers and Head of Departments will go a long way to ensure they feel rewarded for their work. The Leadership award will be presented to individuals that have shown exceptional work ethic, team performance, and innovation.

Years of Service of Awards

If you company is employing thousands of staff members, it is crucial to recognise their loyalty and hard word throughout the years. Presenting Years of Service Awards is a great way of motivating your team and publicly celebrating and acknowledging their dedication and success. Whether it’s 1, 3, 5, or 10 years, personalised awards will go a long way in ensuring that your employees feel valued and appreciated at the workplace.

Sales Awards

Personalised Sales Awards are great for rewarding your top-performing sales people and presenting a little incentive if your sales department needs a push. The awards will be rewarded to the employees that bring in new revenue and business. Presenting them with personalised sales awards will remind them of how important there are to your business and motivate them to achieve more.

Retirement awards

Personalised retirement awards are something that people will treasure and proudly display for a long time. When you publicly acknowledge employees that have dedicated their lives to contribute to the success of your organisation, it sends a message to the rest of your team that you reward and appreciate loyalty and dedication. Furthermore, retirement awards help your business’ reputation and solidify the fact that you care and invest in your employees.

Why Employee Recognition Matters

Employee Recognition Matters because acknowledging excellence and hard work create a culture that promotes achievements and dedication. It also sends a message to your employees that you value loyalty and publicly recognise the people who have contributed to your company’s success.

If you want to spread the word about your company’s culture, writing about your employee recognition scheme is a great start. You can also organise a ceremony at the end of the year to celebrate with your team and present them with the bespoke awards.

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