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Shining a light on our Crystal Shapes – Chamonix

Here at Laser Crystal, we truly believe that our awards, trophies, and gifts are a cut above the rest, and we want to shout about it. This is why we have created our ‘Shine a Light Range’ – a collection of blogs each shining a light on our beautiful and exquisite crystal shapes, starting with the Chamonix.

The Chamonix Crystal Design

Chamonix Crystal ShapeThe Chamonix is a premium crystal award made from optically pure crystal glass and offers a timeless and stunning design. Featuring exquisite facet cut edges that elegantly reflect the light, the Chamonix is a beautiful show-stopping award that would look perfectly positioned in any room.

In addition to its many elegant light-reflecting edges, the Chamonix features a generous engraving space that allows for a range of designs to be engraved within the crystal through our 3D laser engraving process.

As one of our bestselling styles, the Chamonix is available in 3 sizes; ensuring you have the perfect award to reflect the occasion and allowing you to match your runners up and first prize trophies.

  • 100 x 70 x 40mm
  • 145 x 115 x 55mm
  • 175 x 135 x 60mm

Versatile and Stunning Glass Awards & Trophies

The Chamonix is an extremely versatile award and offers the perfect style and size for both corporate and sports events alike. Below are just a few examples of how you could use the Chamonix crystal:

Chamonix Glass Trophy with 3D Yacht, crystal boat award, sailing awards, chamonix, corporate awards, crystal awards, boat awards, maritime awards, crystal gifts, promotional gifts

  • Chamonix Glass Trophy
    • Football Glass Trophies
    • Swimming Trophies and Awards
    • Corporate and Business Trophies

Chamonix Trophies and Award

If you are looking for a modern yet elegant twist on a traditional trophy or award plaque, then the Chamonix is for you. Whether you require a football trophy or a business award, the Chamonix will add a touch of class and sophistication to your upcoming award ceremony, as well as making your winners feel like they’ve truly achieved something great.

Chamonix Crystal Paperweights

Our Chamonix crystal isn’t just a great design for awards and trophies but also makes a stunning statement as a luxury paperweight. Our Chamonix Crystal Paperweight adds a touch of style and sophistication to any office desk or corporate setting, as well as being the perfect gift or commemorative token for a friend or loved one.

3D engraved corporate paperweights are a popular option amongst some of the UK’s largest brands and are a great way to add that show-stopping final touch to your upcoming exclusive business events. Our stunning corporate paperweights also work perfectly as luxury corporate gifts, when you want to make a great first impression or to leave potential new clients with a lasting reminder of your business.

Chamonix Employee Recognition Awards

Another great use for our Chamonix crystal is for employee recognition awards. If you’re looking for a stunning award to recognise an employee’s contribution to the business, then our Chamonix crystal is perfect for the occasion.  Reflecting the importance of the occasion, the Chamonix can be personalised with individual messages, names, and dates, to make each award unique to that employee. Employee recognition awards are a great way to show your appreciation to members of your team and what better way than with the timeless design of the Chamonix crystal.

Complete Custom Design for your Chamonix Crystal

Each of our Chamonix awards can be personalised with your own custom design created by our brilliant in-house design team.  Our design team will work with you and your requirements to create a completely bespoke award, trophy, or gift. The design can be completed in either 2D or 3D and can include anything of your choosing, such as a product image, text, logo, building, photo, the list goes on. There really is nothing our design team cannot do; some of our previous Chamonix awards have featured, company logos, text, and even a 3D yacht.

As well as being able to offer a completely bespoke design, here at Laser Crystal, we are also able to add colour to the front of your award, which will further enhance your bespoke laser engraved award.

Why Choose the Chamonix Crystal for your Award or Trophy?

When you are presenting an award, you want it to signify the grandeur of the occasion or achievement and therefore only the most high-quality, premium award will do. The Chamonix crystal does exactly that, ensuring that the recipient feels valued and accomplished. In addition to the stunning Chamonix crystal design, each award is presented in a luxury satin lined presentation box, to protect the award and provide that extra wow factor when the recipient accepts their award.

To find out more about our Chamonix Crystal Awards, Trophies and Paperweights and to discuss your requirements please feel free to get in touch on 01202 675000 or email sales@lasercrystal.co.uk.

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