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The Benefits of Personalised Trophies & Awards

Personalised trophies and awards are carefully crafted for their recipients offering that extra special touch, compared to blank or generic trophies or awards. However, many are often unaware of the benefits that come from personalised trophies and awards.

Furthermore, many customers browse the product offering on our website believing that they must choose one of these offerings. However, when it comes to our trophies and awards, everything we create is 100% bespoke and personalised to each individual customer. The products displayed on our website are merely examples of our bespoke trophies and awards, in addition to our crystal shape offering.

Personalised Trophies and Awards

So, to discover the scope of personalisation that is possible with our trophies and awards, and the benefits that come from choosing bespoke personalised trophies and awards read on below.

  1. Adds a Personal Touch

Recognition is something that many people desire. Whether it’s in a corporate setting, education or in general day-to-day life; there is little that’s more satisfying then being acknowledged for your hard work or achievement. Presenting a personalised trophy or award to a deserving individual is the perfect way to recognise and reward them for a positive performance or achievement. By presenting a bespoke personalised trophy or award it adds that extra personal touch and makes the recipient feel even more special.

Additionally, a personalised trophy increases the sentimental value, as the trophy couldn’t simply be given to anyone. Extra effort has been undertaken to ensure the trophy is solely for the recipient.

  1. Boosts Morale & Confidence

It is known that custom personalised trophies and awards are great for improving morale within businesses, sports, and school. Similarly, as mentioned above, everyone loves to be recognised for their hard work. Therefore, presenting personalised awards are a great way to increase an individual’s or team’s confidence in an inexpensive, unique, and memorable way. Also ensuring that the recipient(s) good work hasn’t gone unmissed.

  1. They are Cost-Effective

Personalised trophies and awards can be a very cost-effective endeavour. When ordering your trophies or awards you can choose exactly what you’d like to be engraved and therefore, choose how much you’d like to invest in the gift. Also, if placing a large order for many trophies or awards you can save even more money.

At Laser Crystal, we treat each order with the care and attention that it deserves. With our in-house design team, we can create your personalised trophy or award ensuring that it meets all your requirements and is within your budget.

  1. Completely Customisable

Bespoke trophies and awards have the added benefit that anything is possible! There is no limit on design or personalisation. Once you’ve chosen the shape of the crystal award or trophy you’d like to use as your base then the fun really begins as you create your bespoke personalised trophy or award. Whether you’d like a 3D boat or 2D text, there is nothing we can’t engrave into our crystal.

  1. A Gift to Last a Lifetime

An optically pure crystal trophy or award is an extremely special, and opulent gift. The high quality of the glass, combined with the expertly crafted 3D laser engraving makes for a truly special gift that will be cherished by the recipient for years to come.

  1. A Trophy or Award Helps to Build a Brand

A trophy or award doesn’t just offer many benefits to the recipient, it also offers many benefits to the company, organisation or club that arranged the award. One of which is that trophies and awards help to build a brand. The award or trophy will prominently feature the details of whoever commissions the award, helping to increase awareness.

It is also worth noting that due to the high quality of our trophies and awards, most recipients will be displaying them in pride of place, giving even more exposure.

  1. Improved Employee Engagement

Within the workplace, creating trophies and awards that feature employees’ credentials positively demonstrates that you care about your employees and helps to instil a good company culture. Additionally, the incentive of a trophy or award helps to motivate many in achieving tasks and therefore is great for increasing engagement amongst employees.

Personalised Trophies & Awards from Laser Crystal

Above are just a few of the many benefits that come with personalised trophies and awards. However, if you need more reasons to choose completely bespoke personalised trophies and awards that will recognise those hard-working individuals around you and improve brand awareness, then get in touch with Laser Crystal today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to help you decide what type of trophy or award is best for you. Simply call 01202 675000 or email

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