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Digital Colour Printing for Awards & Trophies

When creating an award or trophy with crystal there are two ways to personalise the crystal with your design: 3D laser engraving or digital colour printing. Here we detail what is digital colour printing and how you can use it to truly transform your crystal awards, trophies, and gifts.

What is Digital Colour Printing?

Digital colour printing is a technique of printing a digital image directly onto a variety of media, including crystal and glass. Here at Laser Crystal, by using specialist printing machines to apply colour to the surface of a crystal, giving it a unique and eye-catching look.

Using colour printing for your awards and trophies really helps to bring your awards and trophies to life. Whether you wish to add a background print, a design printed on the front or colour printing on every surface to create an eye-catching effect, anything is possible with digital colour printing. Add vibrant full colour print to any of our crystal shapes to create Colour Printed Awards.

How Can We Use Digital Colour Printing on Your Award or Trophy?

Digital colour printing can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your crystal awards and trophies. However, below are just a few examples of how we can use digital colour printing to transform your awards and trophies:

  • Print colour onto the base of the crystal – this completely changes the appearance of the award or trophy and makes the whole crystal a different colour.
  • Add vibrant coloured graphics and logos – giving your award or trophy the real wow factor.
  • Include an emboss to a printed logo or a clear varnish – this gives the crystal texture and enhances the 3D engraving.

Colour Digital Printing at Laser Crystal

Here at Laser Crystal, we love creating unique and personalised designs for your crystal trophies, awards and gifts using both 3D laser engraving and digital colour printing. Our full colour printing service can be added to most of our crystal shapes, but for a completely bespoke design and quote contact our sales team today.

Digital Colour Printing for Presentation Boxes, Bases & Sleeves

Our digital colour printing service isn’t just for our crystal trophies and awards. Here at Laser Crystal, we can personalise our presentation boxes, bases and sleeves using our digital colour printing service. So, if you’re looking to create completely bespoke awards, trophies or gifts with a real wow factor then our digital colour printing service is for you!

Digital Colour Printed Presentation Box & Award

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