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A Guide to Deal Toys

What is a Deal Toy?

A deal toy, also known as a financial tombstone or Lucite tombstone, is a personalised memento that is gifted to commemorate the closing of a business or financial deal. Although many believe that deal toys are more fun and creative than a traditional financial tombstone, the terms are used almost always interchangeably.

These plaques and other types of trophies are typically used in finance and property deals and are usually presented at a closing ceremony or dinner.

Deal Toys

What is the Purpose of a Deal Toy?

Deal toys are historically used to commemorate a financial deal within investment banking; however, they are now more widely used to commemorate any type of business deal. For example, to commemorate a business partnership, the completion of a property purchase or a large financial deal.

What is Included on a Deal Toy?

A deal toy acts as a souvenir of the business deal and is gifted to the firms for which the transaction is completed for. The toy will often include:

  • The names of the businesses involved and their business logos
  • Information about the deal, such as type, dates, location etc.
  • Names and logos of any third parties involved in the deal

The History of the Deal Toy

Deal toys originated from ‘tombstone advertisements’, a term which dates back to the late 19th century, when printers used the term to refer to ‘column-width newspaper ads run without any illustration or typographical ornamentation’. Restrictions later imposed by the American federal government meant that the tombstone ad became the format companies and banks used to publicise financial transactions.

Banks and law firms then began to encase the tombstone ads from the newspapers in Lucite to create Lucite tombstones, used to memorialise the deal beyond the printed newspaper. From here, designers learned of new possibilities of using Lucite, and the Lucite tombstone took on a whole new world and later became known as a deal toy.

Today, there is no limit to the design possibilities of deal toys and financial tombstones. And now with a reputation for trying to be as elaborate and creative as possible, deal toys are often seen as a trophy and point of pride.

Why Invest in Deal Toys?

You and your team worked tirelessly to achieve that final handshake. Champagne was popped and lives were changed. You achieved something great. However, you want to remember that moment forever. That’s why it’s important to honour and memorialise the moment with a unique and showstopping financial tombstone or deal toy.

Deal toys have long been seen as a trophy to honour a substantial business deal and somewhat of a collector’s piece for both businesses and individuals. By investing in deal toys to cement your recent business achievement or deal you’ll be boosting your client relationship, as well as boosting employee recognition.

Deal toys often indicate achievement and are prized by the recipient. By gifting a deal toy or financial tombstone you’re recognising the hard work that went into the deal. Additionally, deal toys possessed by an individual can serve as a reflection of their status and achievement. Therefore, by presenting deal toys you’ll be boosting an individual’s self-worth.  

Furthermore, often displayed in pride of place, just as a trophy would be, a deal toy can be used to persuade potential clients to work with a firm, acting as the ultimate marketing tool long after the original transaction has passed.

Why Use Laser Crystal for your Deal Toys?

Ordering a deal toy doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Here at Laser Crystal, we take away the stress with our in-house design team who can create you a bespoke design that will WOW your clients. Our deal toys and financial tombstones are made from optically pure crystal glass and can be 3D laser engraved with your bespoke design.

Our deal toys and tombstones offer the ultimate luxury commemorative gift that will be cherished by your clients and partners for years to come.

Not only do we specialise in financial tombstones and toy deals, but we also offer bespoke and personalised crystal trophies and awards. For a free no obligation quote or to discuss your design ideas content Laser Crystal today on 01202 675000 or email

We'd love to help with your crystal creations - together we can create something amazing.

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