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Why Do We Give Awards & Trophies?

There are so many reasons to give a trophy or award. Whether it’s for a sporting event or within a corporate setting, the possibility of winning a trophy or award can offer so many benefits for everyone involved.

Why do we give trophies

But First, What is a Trophy?

A trophy is a physical object presented to either an individual or a group of individuals for a specific achievement and serves as recognition or evidence of their accomplishment.

Trophies and awards can be given for many different situations, from sporting events to corporate achievements; they will always be greatly received. Trophies are a favourite for athletes at sporting events, as well as at academic awards. Whereas award plaques and paperweights are a popular choice for corporate awards, as well as within school settings.

Top Reasons to Award Trophies

  1. It rewards success
  2. It motives and increases productivity
  3. It establishes value
  4. It develops a positive learning environment
  5. It’s great for the brand

Below we delve into the reasons why we give trophies and awards.

1. It Rewards Success

When it comes to awarding a trophy or award, the main reason why we give them is to reward an individual or a team for their effort in a particular event or occasion. Presenting a trophy or award for a particular achievement is a great way to recognise the hard work that went into winning the achievement as well as the actual participation in the occasion. Whether it’s for excellent sales performance or winning a sports tournament, outstanding achievements should always be rewarded.

2. It Motivates and Increases Productivity

By offering up and awarding a trophy it helps to increase motivation and productivity. Before the event or occasion has occurred, offering a trophy as a reward can help to motivate the participants to secure it, which in turn increases productivity. Additionally, awarding a trophy can also help to motivate future participants to achieve the trophy in the future.

For ongoing rewards such as Employee of the Month or Star Player of the Month, awarding a monthly trophy can help to motivate participants every month, helping to achieve consistent motivation and productivity.

3. It Establishes Value

By offering and awarding a trophy is shows that you value the effort and hard work that has been demonstrated to achieve the trophy. As well as showing you value the participants, it also demonstrates to others, such as the general public or other members of staff that you value outstanding accomplishments.

4. It Develops a Positive Learning Environment

Awarding trophies can help to establish a positive learning environment. Trophies reward good behaviour therefore by offering a trophy to achieve a particular goal or set of goals, it promotes positive reinforcement. No matter the environment, there is always something new to learn, therefore offering up a trophy helps to incentivise and establish a positive learning environment.

5. It’s Great for the Brand

Presenting trophies and awards is a great way to boost your brand through public relations. Firstly, the presentation of the award or awards helps to create a buzz around the company and the event and gets people talking about your brand, whether it’s a company or a sports club. Secondly, presenting a trophy or award could provide you with some invaluable press for your brand.

There are so many reasons to give trophies and awards, so if you’re looking for your new trophy and award supplier look no further than Laser Crystal. We offer completely bespoke trophies and awards for any event or occasion and have an in-house design team who will be able to create your next stunning award! Simply get in touch today on 01202 675000 to talk to our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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