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Why Choose Crystal & Glass Awards, Compared to Acrylic Awards?

When purchasing an award or trophy to honour someone at your work, business, or sports club, you want the award to reflect their achievement. And that is why only a premium quality, optically pure crystal award will do.

There are many reasons to choose crystal or glass awards and trophies over acrylic awards, and we have explained a few below of these advantages below.


Crystal vs Acrylic – What is the difference?Why Choose Crystal Awards

But first, what is the difference between crystal, glass, and acrylic?

Crystal is a type of glass that has a higher lead content, which is what gives the crystal its weighty feel and light diffracting properties. At first glance crystal and glass seem to be two of the same, however, when light travels through the crystal it diffracts the light, creating a glittery, shimmery effect.

Acrylic is a synthetic polymer and although technically classed as a type of glass, it is a thermoplastic for all intents and purposes. Acrylic is the most different material of the three materials, as to touch it feels like plastic.


The Benefits of Crystal & Glass Awards, Compared to Acrylic Award

Crystal & Glass Awards Offer Weight

The quality of a crystal or glass award is apparent as soon as you hold it. Crystal and glass awards offer weight, making the recipient feel like they have been presented with something valuable and meaningful. Whereas acrylic awards are extremely lightweight, which often gives the impression of being cheaper and not as valuable or important.

When presenting or receiving an award or trophy you want it to give the best feeling and impression possible, which is why awarding a crystal or glass award is so important to signify the importance of the achievement.

Glass & Crystal Awards are Scratch Resistant

Although acrylic awards may be more impact-resistant, when it comes to general wear and tear, they are much more susceptible to scratches. Acrylic is a considerably softer material and therefore it is significantly more prone to scratches and damage. Whereas, glass and crystal awards have tougher surfaces, making them more resistant to scratches caused by general wear and tear. This means you know your crystal award or trophy will still be looking its best in years to come.

Crystal Awards Diffract the Light

One of the biggest differences between crystal and acrylic awards is the stunning aesthetic of a crystal award. Crystal awards diffract the light which creates a beautiful and glittery appearance as the light travels through the crystal. Your crystal award or trophy will stand out and take pride of place wherever its positioned.

Workability of Crystal, Glass & Acrylic

When it comes to creating stunning awards, each material has its benefits. Glass and acrylic are made from more flexible materials and therefore, can be formed into nearly any shape imaginable. However, crystal can be carved into exceptional and complex three-dimensional shapes, which is also what makes the light diffract so beautifully. These magnificent shapes and structures are sure to look impressive at your next awards ceremony or presentation event.

Pricing of Crystal Awards vs Acrylic Award

While an acrylic award is likely to cost slightly less than a crystal or glass award, the benefits provided by a crystal or glass award far outweigh the price difference. The cost associated with a crystal award is from the labour-intensive process of cutting and carving the award into stunning shapes which increases its potential to diffract the light in spectacular ways.

However, when awarding someone for achieving something great you don’t want to be presenting them with a cheap award that doesn’t reflect and signify the importance of the achievement and occasion. Nevertheless, crystal awards are an affordable award option for all.


Your Crystal & Glass Awards Experts at Laser Crystal

Here at Laser Crystal, we offer an extensive collection of crystal and glass awards, catering to all budgets and requirements. Our range of awards and trophies includes simple crystal plaques for employee recognition awards, to completely bespoke trophies for prestigious award ceremonies.

Whether you’re looking for one award or one hundred awards, we’re here to help. Simply browse our collection of awards and trophies at Laser Crystal and get in touch to order today. If you’re unsure of exactly what you’re after then no worries, our friendly team are more than happy to talk through your requirements with you.

Call 01202 675000 or email today!

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