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Top Tips for presenting a glass trophy

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That’s a question we are often asked when it comes to presenting and choosing a glass trophy. The impact of covid has affected everyone in so many different ways. Right now many of our client’s are looking for unique and different ways to present their glass awards.

At Laser Crystal we appreciate that many of the changes to our working world are here to stay. As a result we are always exploring new ways to deliver our crystal awards that adapt to your needs.

 So we thought we’d share our thoughts and top tips when it comes to presenting glass trophies.

Top 5 ways to present a Glass Trophy

  • Virtual Events

Whist we all miss face to face interactions online events are a fantastic way to bring a team or group together. Receiving an award is a magical occasion and virtual events can deliver this. Now more than ever in our home working world it’s a great way to boost staff morale and makes everyone feel valued.

We’ve worked with a number of clients on virtual events and conferences ensuring that awards arrive the following day to keep the momentum of the event going. Our creative team are the experts at bringing together event branding, colours and the feel, to ensure your awards reflect your event.

Virtual events for new product launches are always good fun to work on. It allows us to bring the product to life in amazing 3D detail in stunning crystal. So whether it’s a medical device, phone or car – the possibilities are endless. Normally these are mailed out after the event but this works equally well as an event invitation or teaser gift.

  • Delivered to the Door

We all love a surprise and what’s better than an unexpected parcel with an award to celebrate your achievements! A great tip is to add a personalised letter or gift card with every trophy.

We securely package every glass trophy award offering worldwide delivery for each individual award.

  • Box clever

We know that first impressions count. So we can create a beautiful box set to combine your crystal award together with items such as certificates, pens etc. Box sets can match corporate colours and branding messages to ensure your awards reflect your brand identity.

  • Post event thank you rewards

Finding a gift that will take pride of place on the desk of your event attendees can be a challenge. Following your event sending out a quality gift has been shown to be very effective in building awareness and keeping your event brand at the fore font.

What factors do I need to consider when ordering my glass trophies?

As covid has changed our world there are lots of new factors to consider when selecting your glass trophies shape and size.

  • Glass Trophy Size

As more of us work from home the size of your award might be a more important factor. Where will the recipient display this? Do they need a desk award or a larger more prestigious mantle piece size?

  • The Weight Factor

How heavy is each award? This is an important consideration if you’re shipping awards to individual recipients or overseas as you’ll need to budget for the extra carriage cost which is based on the weight of each glass trophy.

We are always happy to undertake the shipping service for you and if you let us know we can provide a cost for this.

  • Secure Packaging

It’s vital to ensure that each glass trophy is packaged for transit. There’s nothing worse than your recipient getting a damaged award or gift box! An award has to feel special and look amazing when they open the box.

We always use double walled outer cartons to ship our awards ensuring we protect our beautiful satin lined presentation gift boxes.

  • Duty and Customs Taxes on awards

If you’re shipping goods your awards outside of Europe they will be subject to taxes and duties from the receiving country. The final cost is based on the commodity code of the goods and some courier charges.

We can take care of this service for you.

Adapting to Change

As we all return to our new normal every business will have to adapt to new challenges and ways of working.

The incredible advances in technology mean that we can all still feel connected and the world is on our doorstep! It will be interesting to see how things move forward as covid restrictions are lifted.

Here to Help

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