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The Importance of Business Awards for Companies

There’s no doubt about it: being able to say your company, service or product is Officially the Best is good for business. 

There’s hundreds of business awards in the United Kingdom, each with their own specific criteria, submissions processes and sparkling crystal award trophies. Winning or even being shortlisted for one of these awards is a prestigious achievement. It signifies that you’ve been recognised by industry experts for excellence in your field. This recognition can do wonders for the reputation and credibility of your business, leading to increased sales, brand recognition, and business growth.

Business awards aren’t just for the huge companies with multi million pound turnovers and household names. There’s something for every industry, every location and every size: but with so many awards up for grabs, how can you get started?

Types of Business Awards in the UK

Retail Industry Awards 2022

There’s a huge variation of business awards available for companies of all industries and sizes to win. These awards range from smaller, more niche industry awards to large, national categories with thousands of nominees. If you’re just starting on your journey to receiving business awards, consider finding out what’s available in your industry, your region, and for your business size.

Industry-specific Business Awards

Winning industry-specific business awards can help others in your industry to view your business as trusted experts and the go-to company for your products or services. Business awards exist for virtually any industry, so keep an eye out for ones relevant to you, no matter how niche. Examples include:

British Construction Industry Awards (BCIA) 2022

Location-specific Business Awards

Winning local business awards can be a great way to get your foot in the door in more competitive industries, as well as cementing yourselves as a strong and trusted business in your area. Locations can range from towns and cities to counties and the wider rejoins. Examples include:

Business Eye Awards 2022

Company Size Business Awards

Getting involved with business awards based on company size is a great way for smaller businesses to get a chance in the spotlight without having to compete against multi million pound MNCs (multinational corporations). Examples include:

Examples of British Business Award Categories

Within each type of business award above, there will be a range of more specific categories as well as overarching winners. Some of these categories will be more competitive than others depending on your region, industry and company size. Examples of business award categories in the UK include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Product awards: Best New Product and Product of the Year
  • Newcomer awards: Best New Business and Best Startup
  • Growth & Innovation awards: Business Transformation, Brand Development, Best Innovative Product
  • Sustainability & Ethics awards: Best Charity, Best Sustainable Product, Diversity & Inclusion Awards
  • Customer service awards: Best Customer Satisfaction Strategy, Best Customer Experience
  • Online presence awards: Best App, Best Website, Best Use of Social Media
  • Employer awards: Best Place to Work, Best Work-Life Balance
  • Individual awards: Best Employee, Best Leader, Best Mentor, Best Entrepreneur

UK CXA – UK Customer Experience Awards 2022

The Biggest Business Awards in the UK

Benefits of Winning Business Awards

Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 2022

Increased Credibility and Reputation

Business awards can serve as external validations of your company’s success, quality and reliability, increasing the trust of your customers and stakeholders. This can also set you apart from your competitors, demonstrating that your products or services are exceptional. 

Marketing and Visibility

With awards comes publicity, and your business will be showcased to a whole new group of potential customers. Winning an award is also a great opportunity for you to push out your own marketing campaign, leveraging your award and converting your recent exposure into customer acquisition and sales.

Boost Employee Morale

For your employees to take pride in their work, they need to have pride in your company. Winning business awards validates their hard work, which in turn increases their job satisfaction and therefore employee retention. It can also motivate your team to innovate and strive for excellence in the future, encouraging a culture of continuous growth and improvement.

Networking Opportunities

Award ceremonies bring together industry leaders, providing valuable networking opportunities where you can connect with potential clients, partners and mentors. Business awards can also draw the attention of investors, and winning an award makes your business more attractive to these lenders.

IPSE Freelancer Awards 2023

The Selection Process

The selection process for business awards in the UK can vary widely depending on the specific award, its organising body, and its focus. However, here is a general overview of the typical selection process for business awards in the UK:

Laser Crystal at BPMA Product of the Year 2023

Nomination or Application

The process often begins with nominations or applications. Companies or individuals may be invited to submit an application or be nominated by others. Nominees or applicants are required to provide detailed information about their business, project, or achievements. This information may include financial data, performance metrics, case studies, testimonials, and other relevant documents.

Judging Panel

Most business awards have a judging panel or committee composed of experts including industry professionals and sometimes previous award winners. The judging panel evaluates the submissions, and assesses the nominees based on the award criteria. After reviewing the entries, the judging panel will devise a shortlist of candidates who will be considered for the award. This entire process may involve several rounds of evaluations depending on how competitive the award is.

In some cases, finalists may be required to participate in interviews or presentations to further assess their suitability for the award. This step allows the judges to ask questions, seek clarifications, and gain a deeper understanding of the nominees’ achievements. Site visits may also be conducted to verify the information provided in the applications, particularly for awards related to specific projects.

Winner Selection & Award Ceremonies

After careful evaluation, the judging panel selects the winners in each award category. Many business awards in the UK culminate in an award ceremony or gala event, where the winners are publicly recognized and presented with their awards. These events often attract industry leaders, dignitaries, and media coverage.

Publicity and Promotion

Winning businesses and individuals are encouraged to promote their achievements through various channels, such as press releases, social media, and their websites. This helps raise awareness about the award and its significance. Some business awards in the UK also offer post-award support, such as mentorship, networking opportunities, or access to resources and funding. This support can help winners further grow and develop their businesses.

Glass Employee Trophy Rectangle Crystal Award

How to Win Business Awards

Preparation and Planning

Before you start submitting applications, make sure you carry out plenty of research to find awards which align with the goals and achievements of your business. You may wish to start with more local or niche awards before working your way up to the more competitive national ceremonies. Consider the specific award criteria for the awards, ensuring you meet all the eligibility requirements and understand what the judges are looking for. 

You’ll need to spend time gathering evidence of your achievements which can include performance data, testimonials and case studies. This can be a long process, so make sure you start your preparations well in advance of the application deadline. 

Crafting the Perfect Application

Creating a compelling narrative will help the judges understand your accomplishments and make you stand out from other applicants: don’t just simply tell them what you’ve done. Show them. Clearly communicate what sets your business apart from competitors, including unique selling points (USPs) and innovative strategies.

Don’t be afraid to hire a professional copywriter or consultant with experience in business award submissions. They can support you in creating a polished, persuasive application which is free from errors and flows logically. 

If the award allows, include supporting materials in your entry such as videos and images. Make sure you’re also prepared for any interviews or presentations that are part of the selection process – you need to be able to articulate your achievements with confidence.

The winners of the CN 30underThirty award holding their bespoke crystal glass awards from Laser Crystal!

UK Business Awards

The impact of business awards on the success of British companies is massive, and can be well worth the time and effort needed to craft the perfect application and get your company the win. Whatever your business, we encourage you to explore award opportunities in your area and industry – you never know what you could achieve and who you may meet!

At Laser Crystal, we create bespoke 3D crystal awards for the most memorable of ceremonies. As the UK’s leading 3D engravers, each crystal art creation is made from flawless optical quality crystal, forming awards and gifts that you are proud to present. 

From employee recognition awards and long service awards to sports awards and achievement awards, every order can be fully customised to suit your needs. 

Browse our full range or let us know your requirements and we can recommend a selection of shapes and designs.

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