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The Benefits of an Employee of the Month Award

Your hard-working employees deserve all your recognition and appreciation, so why not spread the cheer and introduce a highly sought-after employee of the month award?

An award is far more than just bragging rights; it provides some immense value to a company’s culture when it’s introduced tactfully, and it can also provide some unique benefits to your employees.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to start up your own employee of the month program, it’s worth checking out some of the biggest advantages that it can bring you.

What is an Employee of the Month Award?

An employee of the month award is usually given to a member of staff who’s excelled in their role. How this reward is implemented or what form it comes in is up to you as the employer. But as long as it represents your appreciation of your employee’s hard work and brings them value, you can’t go too far wrong.

At Laser Crystal, we’ve been designing beautiful bespoke crystal and glass employee of the month awards for (and plenty of rewards, too) over 22 years. So, if you need us to design your business an employee of the month award that your employees will cherish, we’d love to help you out. Reach out to our friendly team here if you have any questions at all or to discuss design ideas and options.

These reasons are exactly why you should do so.  

Boosting Morale

Who doesn’t like an award? It’s a big morale booster that can reward your hardest-working employees when they most need a lift of spirits.

Hard work needs to be recognised; otherwise, your morale levels might start to sap, and your employees may start to question whether or not they’re being seen by the management.

Receiving an award at the end of a long month of work can be an affirming experience, especially for an employee who’s feeling undervalued.

Healthy Competition

Creating some light and healthy competition in the workplace can be a great way to boost productivity, generate a sense of camaraderie, and push people to maximise their potential.

An employee of the month award can help you do this, as it gives your staff a common goal to strive for, particularly if it comes with some valuable benefits, like some extra holiday for example.

Everyone Can Get the Award

As long as you remain objective, everyone can earn the reward. This makes the race for the award a fair one and one that potentially benefits anyone working for your company!

This may inspire people across all your departments to aim for the reward, resulting in a company-wide scheme that everyone can get behind, raising productivity rates in the process.

Why is Employee Recognition Important?

Employees need to be recognised. If they feel undervalued, they may no longer care about the quality of their work or the brand they represent, and perhaps most importantly, a lack of recognition can result in a miserable workplace for everyone.

People deserve to be noticed and celebrated for their hard work; after all, employees are the life and soul of any business!

If an eye-catching award is in order, let us take care of it for you, we’d love to be a part of your new morale-boosting strategy.

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