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Sustainable Glass Awards & Trophies

Did you know that our glass awards & trophies can be recycled?

We understand how important it is that we play our part in creating sustainable glass awards and trophies that are recyclable and therefore, environmentally friendly . Did you know that all our crystal and glass awards can be recycled? As a result this makes them a great choice for any organisation that wants to reinforce their ethical credentials.

Here at Laser Crystal we regularly get asked about glass recycling for our trophies and corporate gifts. Glass is one of the few materials on our planet that is truly sustainable as nothing goes to waste and it can be recycled time and time again. Consequently each time it’s recycled glass can be recreated as a completely new product! How perfect is that?

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How are Glass Awards Made?

Glass is made from natural raw materials. That’s why it’s used in so many applications from drinking glasses, cooking bowls to decorative awards.

Here’s an interesting fact. Glass is actually made from liquid sand. If you heat ordinary sand to a temperature of 1700°C (3090°F) it melts into a liquid glass!

Silica sand used in glass award and trophy manufactureIn glass production silica sand, a fine white pure sand, is the main component of glass representing around 70% of its weight. This fine white sand is used because it is very pure and does not contain other unwanted chemicals. Other components are added to this including Soda ash in order to reduce the very high melting temperature of silica, calcium carbonate ( limestone) to give durability and consistency to the glass.

The glass liquid is then made into large blocks and these are then hand cut into different shapes and sizes to make your fabulous awards.

So it really doesn’t get any more sustainable or environmentally friendly then glass awards and trophies.

Glass Trophies Reflect Sustainability

Nothing reflects quality and achievement quite like a glass trophy and added to the fact it’s sustainable makes it the perfect choice. We work hard to fulfil your sustainable brief whist never compromising on quality.

So whether it’s a staff recognition awards scheme, sporting trophy or an awards ceremony we create bespoke sustainable glass awards & trophies that are unique.

Wooden bases

Wood is a very environmentally friendly and sustainable material. All our beautiful handcrafted wooden bases are made to order by a local carpenter using high quality timber.
Bases make a great addition to your glass trophy. We manufacture bases in a choice of oak, beech, walnut and mahogany.

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All our sustainable glass awards and trophies can be customised with unique design featuring 3D laser engraving or colour printing. So whether that’s a product, building, vehicle or logo we can recreate this in amazing 3D detail.

If you’re looking for awards with a WOW factor?
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