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Retirement Gifts: Honouring a Lifetime of Achievement

Retirement marks a significant milestone in the life of a colleague or loved one. It can be difficult to find a gift which symbolises all their hard work and achievements. What single retirement gift can reflect a lifetime of hard work, memories, respect and love?

retirement awards

With so many retirement gift ideas to consider, it can be difficult to choose. Here are some top tips for getting the right retirement gift:

  • Consider their interests: A retirement gift should not be a one size fits all thing. Consider what you know about the person retiring and what they plan to do in retirement. Do they plan to travel or try a new hobby? Avoid cliches that make it seem like you haven’t put any thought into the gift and try to purchase something thoughtful.
  • Personalise it: Customise your retirement gift with their name, a personal photo or an image that will appeal to them. Make a gift more personal and meaningful to show you really care.
  • Don’t be afraid to be sentimental: If you think they will like it, don’t be afraid to show a colleague, friend or employee how much you value them.
  • Consider their future: A retirement can come with lots of changes for an individual. It’s important to consider these changes when purchasing a retirement gift. If the person is moving abroad or travelling, they may not want gift cards or anything too bulky.
  • Avoid joke gifts: Retirement is a huge milestone after a lifetime of achievement, so respect that person by avoiding gag gifts. Unless it’s something you are certain they will love, avoid humorous gifts are they can appear throwaway and insincere.
  • Ask for advice: If you don’t know the person retiring very well, ask colleagues who may know them better. A close work friend may be able to give suggestions and help you make an informed decision.

Retirement Gift Ideas

Here are some fantastic retirement gift ideas that are thoughtful and will truly honour a lifetime of achievement.

retirement gifts

Crystal Awards

If you have a loyal and beloved employee who you would like to celebrate, consider celebrating them with a 3D engraved crystal long service award, personalised for your company with their name and achievement.

This is something they can treasure long after they leave your company. A retiree can sit back long after they finish working and remember all they achieved in their life with your company. An award is also a lovely memento for a family member to have about a relative.


Bring any image to life with a stunning crystal paperweight. Whether you want to celebrate a family portrait, share an inside joke, or commemorate an achievement, a laser-cut crystal paperweight is a fantastic gift.

Available in a range of sizes and shapes, engraved paperweights are a great way to celebrate achievements and honour memories. Each bespoke glass paperweight is made to your unique design whether that is celebrating an employee’s retirement or engraving a special moment.

Lasting Workplace Honor

Show the retiree that you will never forget their lifetime of achievements and their commitment to their role. A plaque on the wall, naming a trophy after them or naming a conference room after them is a fitting tribute.

Self Care Packages

Retirement is a time when people can put their feet up and relax after years of hard work. Put together a care package of items you know they will like. You can order pre-made packages online, but it always works better to take the time to put something personal together.

A happy retirement package can come with anything from slippers to bath salts, to chocolate or gift cards. This personalised basket is a fantastic way to show you care and ease them into a happy retirement.

Crystal Pen Pot

A crystal pen pot is a perfect memento for someone heading into retirement. If your colleague, friend or family member is an avid writer, looking to pen a novel, a 3D engraved crystal pen pot is the perfect gift.


A personalised keyring is the perfect memento of the retirement journey that is about to begin. A keyring may seem boring, but a personalised engraved design is a fantastic little memento that the recipient gets to admire every day.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts can serve as a fun and memorable way to celebrate retirement. Pick something that best suits their character or their interests. Everyone has a favourite animal, colour or flower. Choose something like a personalised pen, name-embossed notebooks or print mouse mats in a design that will really mean something to them.

Retirement Gifts from Laser Crystal

If you’re looking for a truly rememberable retirement gift then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at Laser Crystal. Our in-house design team will work with you to bring you ideas to life and create a 3D design to honour the retiree, which will then be 3D laser engraved into the crystal item of your choosing.

If you want to honour and celebrate a retirement, look no further than our range of personalised crystal gifts. We can create a retirement gift with any of our crystal trophies, awards or gifts and customise it with your unique design created by our expert in-house design team.

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