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Employee Appreciation Day – Our Top 5 Award Tips

Here’s out top 5 tips for celebrating the achievements of your employees on
Employee Appreciation Day:

Employee Recognition Awards

1 Employee Recognition AwardsYou just can’t beat presenting an employee with an recognition award. It a very pubic gesture that speaks volumes and is a visual reminder of their achievements. Awards are really precious to the recipient so make sure you choose a high quality trophy that reflects achievement. Here at Laser Crystal we are experienced in creating high-quality crystal glass recognition awards that sparkle with success.

2 Be flexible

Make sure your employees know they can come to you if they need some time off – this really goes along way. For example never make an employee miss the family celebration, school plays or sports day. It’s a two way street allowing a little flexibility can reap huge benefits when you have a big project to finish and need that little bit extra from your team.

3 Team celebration

How about a team lunch for Employee Appreciation day? This is also always a great treat way to pull a team together. From completing a big project to celebrating a birthday. So whether that’s an office pizza party or a bowling night out it can really build a stronger team.  Who doesn’t love a lunch or a night out treat?

4 Create a culture of encouragement.

This is a great opportunity to reflect on your company culture. So whether that’s through offering workplace training or making everyone feel valued with praise. A recent City and Guilds survey Missing Millions stated that 60% of employees feel their full potential is not being used by their employer.  Imagine what you could achieve if you encourage all your employees to fulfil their potential!

5 Empower your team through peer recognition awards.

Did you know that peer recognition is more likely to have a positive impact on company performance then manager recognition? In addition to this everyone wants to hear they’re doing a good job and to hear it from your co-workers really helps to build a team spirit .

Don’t forget to shout about your staff achievements on social media. It’s a very public place to celebrate success which can be accessed by not only employees but family members of the winning recipient.

So when is National Employee Appreciation Day?

Every year the first Friday in March is designated as a celebration for the achievements and contributions made by employees. On this day employers from around the world are encouraged to make the extra effort to praise their employees hard work and dedication. Without a doubt your employees are the company’s greatest assets.

The role played by recognition and appreciation in keeping a motivated workplace cannot be underestimated. Many leading organisations place employee recognition schemes at the very heart of their culture.

Employee appreciation day is a special day that should be truly centred around the teams of employees that make things happen in your business every day.

How will you reward your employees?

Undoubtedly even a little bit of recognition goes a long way! It has a big impact on employee motivation increasing morale and ultimately reducing turnover .

There are lots of ways to reward your employees but how do you make sure you choose the right one question? Whilst employees personalities differ, most employees are goal driven.  This is why a public display to celebrate achievements is so important. Presenting employee recognition awards is acknowledged as one of the best ways to motivate employees and make them feel valued.

Above all recognition beats salary! Recent research states that the top reason that people go searching for new work opportunities is that they don’t feel appreciated. A recent study by US rewards and recognition specialist O.C.Turner, found that 37% of employees felt the most important action their company can take was to recognise their achievements. This compares with only 7% who cited pay more money as a key motivation.

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