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Adding Colour to your Bespoke Crystal Trophies and Awards

Laser Crystal is the UK’s leading manufacturer of stunning 3D engraved crystal awards, trophies and gifts. We’re renowned for the incredible detail and quality of our products which are bespoke to fit your brand’s unique imagery and values, available in a huge range of shapes and sizes.

Colour is a huge part of any brand’s identity, which is why we offer vibrant, full-colour printing which can be added to any corporate crystal trophy or award to complement the design engraved within the crystal. 

Colour printing: How Does it Work?

At Laser Crystal, we use 3D engraving techniques to create beautiful, intricate designs which are engraved within the glass as opposed to on the surface. This makes your design appear as if suspended within the flawless, optical quality crystal we use.

We can then print colour onto the surface of your corporate crystal trophy or award using specialist printing machines. A splash of colour will truly bring your design to life, adding depth and vibrancy to the engraving and making it even more recognisably yours.

Unique Colour Printing Ideas

With so many ways to utilise colour in your bespoke trophy or award, we thought we’d share some of our favourites: 

Foreground colour

Rectangle Crystal AwardUnique Crystal Award

Bring your design to life by adding a pop of colour to the front surface of your bespoke crystal award. You can add as much or as little colour as you’d like, either covering the entire surface in a gorgeous full-colour print or simply including a few eye-catching elements to the front of your award.

Background colour

colour printing - background colour
colouring printing background colour
Summit Crystal AwardDisc Crystal Award

A printed full-colour background will add depth to your engraving, whether you decide to add just one colour or a more detailed design. The nature of our crystal awards means background colour will reflect across the entire design, which you can take advantage of by adding elements such as an opaque frosted surface. The print will be behind your engraving, keeping it front and centre in your award.

Logo colour

Colour printing - logo printing
Colour printing - logo printing 2

Make your logo stand out with a splash of colour added to the surface of your crystal award, presenting it in its true colours to strengthen the link to your brand.

Base colour

Colour printing - base colour
Colour printed awards
Roma Crystal Award Limelight Landscape Award

Much like with a background colour, adding colour to the base of your crystal trophy will change the colour of the entire piece as light reflects throughout. This is a more subtle way to bring colour to your design, though the results can be striking.

Negative space

Colour printing - negative space
colour printing - negative space 2
White Tower Crystal Award Black Tower Crystal Award

Utilise negative space in your award by creating full-colour printed areas with a clear crystal section for your engraving. This is another great way to strengthen the design’s link to your brand identity through the use of colour. 

Image printing

Image printing colour printing
Tapered Landscape AwardFinancial Tombstones

Particularly ideal for financial tombstones or awards celebrating specific products, our specialist colour printing technology can print high-quality images onto your designs. 

Coloured text

Text colour printing on crystal awards
digital colour printing crystal awards
Disc Crystal Award Gold / Silver / Bronze Award

The addition of coloured text is perfect for more simple text-based engravings, brightening them up and providing differentiation between similar awards. We can also add metallic-style gold, silver and bronze prints to your awards to make them extra special.

Why Add Colour to Your Engraved Trophies with Laser Crystal?

We’re all about quality

We make all of our trophies and awards from clear and flawless optical quality crystal and use innovative, precise 3D laser engraving techniques which allow us to achieve an exceptional level of detail.

We’re world leaders in what we do

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of 3D crystal, we’re recognised as a world leader with two decades worth of experience in creating crystal awards and trophies of unbeatable quality.  

Our range includes something for every occasion

Our huge range of crystal awards, trophies and gifts includes a wide variety of designs to suit all budgets, tastes and occasions. If you can’t find exactly what you have in mind, we offer a made-to-order service where we can create niche designs unique to you.

Order and receive with ease

Let us know what you need and when you need it, and we’ll do the rest. We ship worldwide and offer a same-day courier service for UK orders. Every award will be supplied in a high-quality, satin-lined presentation gift box.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact the Laser Crystal team for further information, to receive a quote or if you’d like a sample. Alternatively, pop us a call on 01202 675000 and we’ll be happy to chat with you about your colour printing crystal award project!

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