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Creating a ‘Zen’ Workspace

If you’re the kind of person that clutters your desk with piles and piles of papers, sticky reminder notes, office stationery, and just general bits and pieces, then it’s likely that you’re wasting lots of time, energy and actually suffering from a level of mental overload! Did you know that every negative distraction, from stacks of paperwork and a ringing phone to a full email inbox can drain your productivity and create unwanted stress?

But the good news is that it’s not only possible to create a calm, chilled atmosphere at home, making a Zen-like office environment too is a lot easier than you think! All it takes is some good ideas, reorganisation and creativity, and you’ll then enjoy more enhanced focus at work and even a productivity boost.

Here are some tips to ensure Zen at work:

Personalise your space

It’s easy to lack inspiration at work – and sometimes being reminded of other things, great times and something completely different to focus on really helps. This could be a picture of friends and family or a postcard of where you’ve traveled. A gift, that takes you away from work, helps too. Laser Crystal produce the perfect gifts of glass paperweights that are perfect on any desk. Corporate paperweights, 3D laser engraved with a logo, picture or message of your choice and catches the light to create a rainbow prism are the ideal object to create a Zen, relaxed, creative environment in the workplace.

Get rid of clutter

This is extremely important. If you would like a modest amount of relaxing and tranquility, you have to stop the clutter. Get rid of old paperwork and filing, organise the important stuff and decide which items are surplus and have to go. This de-clutter exercise is a great start and will make you feel immediately better.

Modify the lighting

Lighting goes a long way. If your working environment is a dark space, a small desk lamp can immediately brighten things up. Be careful, though – if your workspace is too bright, it’s difficult to turn down the light without switching everything off! If the office has permanent lighting that affects you, ask if you can work remotely, or even use drapes to modify the lighting above you.

Control the temperature

Most in the workplace can’t ask to regulate the temperature in the entire office just for them! But there are other ways. If you can invest in a small heater or fan for your desk area, then you can make it easier to control the temperature of your personal workspace. If your office is particularly cold (or the air conditioning too fierce!) then bring in a small space heater. When you are more comfortable, the better your focus will be on your work.

Think Green

This doesn’t mean have a recycling bin by your desk and making sure that everyone in your office knows that you use organic paper (although that would be a great idea). Put a small plant on or by your desk and benefit from the goodness of the green! According to studies, office plants can increase productivity by at least 15 percent.

Choose from Laser Crystal’s large selection of glass paperweights and send them to a friend or colleague. Inspire creativity!

Call Laser Crystal on 01202 675000 or email [xyz-ihs snippet=”Email-link”] to discuss your needs and requirements for your glass paperweights.

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